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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Mark Eirdr 22II/7 — hergang ‘onslaught’

Flaustum lukði folka treystir
foldar síðu brimi kníða;
ǫrr vísi bað oddum læsa
úrga strǫnd ok svalri rǫndu.
Hlífum keyrði hersa reifir
harða nýtr of land it ýtra;
hilmir lauk við hergang olman
hauðr Eydana skjaldborg rauðri.

Treystir folka lukði brimi kníða síðu foldar flaustum; ǫrr vísi bað læsa úrga strǫnd oddum ok svalri rǫndu. Harða nýtr reifir hersa keyrði hlífum of it ýtra land; hilmir lauk hauðr Eydana rauðri skjaldborg við olman hergang.

The trier of men [RULER] barricaded the wave-lashed edge of the land with ships; the generous leader commanded the wet shore to be sealed with spear-points and a chilly shield. The very bountiful gladdener of hersar [RULER] drove shields around the outer land; the prince shut off the earth of the Island-Danes with a red shield-wall during the furious onslaught.


[7] hergang: hernað 180b


[7] við olman hergang ‘during the furious onslaught’: Skj B and Skald adopt the 180b variant hernað ‘campaign’ (not so ÍF 35), which looks like a lectio facilior.



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