Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Mark Eirdr 18II/1 — Blóði ‘Blood’

Blóði dreif á randgarð rauðan;
rógs hegnir drap ótal þegna;
framði sik, þars folkvôpn glumðu,
fylkir ungr, en brynjur sprungu.

Blóði dreif á rauðan randgarð; hegnir rógs drap ótal þegna; ungr fylkir framði sik, þars folkvôpn glumðu, en brynjur sprungu.

Blood splattered onto the red shield-wall; the punisher of discord [JUST RULER] killed an untold number of men; the young ruler distinguished himself where battle-weapons resounded and mail-coats sprang apart.


[1] Blóði dreif á randgarð rauðan: ‘Blod[…]’ 20b I;    Blóði: blóðit 180b


[1] blóði (dat. sg.) ‘blood’: The mss of the A-recension retain the impersonal construction, drífa ‘splatter’ with dat.; blóðit n. nom. sg. ‘the blood’, the reading of 180b, suggests that the scribe interpreted dreif in the meaning ‘drifted’, which need not be impersonal.



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