Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Máni Lv 1II/7 — sundi ‘the sea’

Byr gef brátt, inn ǫrvi,
Bjǫrgynjar til mǫrgum
— þess biðjum vér — þjóðum,
þungstóls konungr sólar.
Angrar oss, þats lengi
útnyrðingr heldr fyrðum
— vindrs til seinn at sundi
sunnrœnn — í dys Unnar.

Inn ǫrvi konungr þungstóls sólar, gef brátt mǫrgum þjóðum byr til Bjǫrgynjar; vér biðjum þess. Angrar oss, þats útnyrðingr heldr fyrðum lengi í Unnardys; sunnrœnn vindrs til seinn at sundi.

Generous king of the heavy seat of the sun [SKY/HEAVEN > = God], give quickly many people fair wind to Bergen; we ask for that. It grieves us that the north-western wind keeps men long in Hummerdus; the southern wind is too slow [in coming] across the sea.


[7] sundi: ‘suði’ 327


[7] sundi (n. dat. sg.) ‘the sea’: The ms. reading ‘suði’ (at súði ‘toward the ship’ (?)) lacks internal rhyme and has been emended to sundi in keeping with earlier eds. — [7] vindrs til seinn at sundi ‘the wind is too slow [in coming] across the sea’: Skj B translates this as den sydlige vind er for langsom over havet ‘the southern wind is too slow across the sea’. It is more likely, however, that til seinn ‘too slow’ refers to the fact that the wind is slow to appear rather than to the actual force of the wind (see NN §3120).



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