Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Kolli Ingdr 2II/3 — á ‘on’

Fyrr lá hans, an harri
hringmildr þaðan vildi,
verðung ǫll á velli.
Vígfimr konungr himni.
Sundr klauf siklingr Þrœnda
sóknfúss of Magnúsi
(þér fekksk hǫlfu hæri)
herskriptr (jǫfurr, giptu).

Ǫll verðung hans lá á velli, fyrr an hringmildr harri vildi þaðan. …Vígfimr konungr himni…. Sóknfúss siklingr Þrœnda klauf sundr herskriptr of Magnúsi; jǫfurr, fekksk þér hǫlfu hæri giptu.

His entire host lay on the field before the ring-generous lord [= Magnús] would retreat. …The battle-skilled king heaven…. The war-eager ruler of the Þrœndir [NORWEGIAN KING = Ingi] cleft asunder the painted shields around Magnús; prince, you were given twice as much luck.


[3] á velli: ‘[...]ll’ H



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