Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Kolb Jónv 1VII/3 — hæstu ‘the highest’

Angrfellir, vast ǫllum
einn postolum hreinni
heilags Krists í hæstu,
happskeytr, fǫruneyti.
Unni engum manni
jafnheitt friðar veitir
þýðr sem þér ok móður
— þats minniligt — sinni.

Happskeytr angrfellir, vast einn hreinni ǫllum postolum í hæstu fǫruneyti heilags Krists. Þýðr veitir friðar unni engum manni jafnheitt sem þér ok móður sinni — þats minniligt.

Lucky-shooting sorrow-feller [APOSTLE], you were alone purer than all the Apostles in the highest company of holy Christ. The friendly granter of peace [= God (= Christ)] loved no-one as ardently as you and his mother — that is worthy of remembrance.



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