Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Ív Sig 26II/7 — ulfs ‘of the wolf’

Þann vas inn næsta        naðra deyði
hugfullr konungr        með Háleygjum.
Olli falli        feðga þriggja
ulfs angrtǫpuðr        út í Vôgum.

Þann inn næsta deyði naðra vas hugfullr konungr með Háleygjum. Angrtǫpuðr ulfs olli falli þriggja feðga út í Vôgum.

That next slayer of snakes [WINTER] the high-mettled king was among the Háleygjar. The anguish-suppressor [GLADDENER] of the wolf [WARRIOR] caused the death of a father and two sons out in Vågan.


[7] angrtǫpuðr ulfs ‘the anguish-suppressor [GLADDENER] of the wolf [WARRIOR]’: For kennings of this type, see Note to Arn Hryn 7/1, 2.




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