Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Ív Sig 25II/8 — bana ‘his death blow’

Dreif til skógar        fyr skjǫldungi
landmanna lið,        þars logar brunnu.
Vǫkðu drengir        með dǫrr roðin
blóð Benteini,        áðr bana fengi.

Lið landmanna dreif til skógar fyr skjǫldungi, þars logar brunnu. Drengir vǫkðu blóð Benteini með roðin dǫrr, áðr fengi bana.

The host of countrymen rushed to the forest ahead of the ruler, where fires burned. Warriors drew Benteinn’s blood with reddened spears, before he received his death blow.


[8] bana ‘his death blow’: Sigurðr was the one who ran into Benteinn’s house and delivered his death blow, decapitating him.



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