Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Ív Sig 24II/4 — af ‘from’

Helt á Lista        lofðungr skipum
ǫrr fyr Agðir        austan af Nesjum.
Hné hersa kyn;        herr vas í landi;
brunnu byggðir        fyr buðlungi.

Ǫrr lofðungr helt skipum á Lista fyr Agðir austan af Nesjum. Kyn hersa hné; herr vas í landi; byggðir brunnu fyr buðlungi.

The valiant lord steered the ships to Lista past Agder east from Nesjar. The kin of hersar fell; an army was in the land; settlements burned before the ruler.


[4] austan af Nesjum ‘east from Nesjar’: Nesjar comprises the peninsulas between Langesundsfjorden and Tønsbergfjorden in southern Norway.



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