Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Ill Har 4II/1 — Brauzt ‘you subjugated’

Brauzt und Míkjál mæztan
— môgum heim, sem frôgum,
sonr Buðla bauð sínum —
sunnlǫnd, Haraldr, rǫndu.

Haraldr, brauzt sunnlǫnd rǫndu und mæztan Míkjál; sonr Buðla bauð môgum sínum heim, sem frôgum.

Haraldr, you subjugated the southern lands with the shield for most esteemed Michael; Buðli’s son [= Atli] invited his brothers-in-law home, as we [I] have heard.



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