Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Hjǫrtr Lv 1II/2 — saman

Þrøngvir gulli
gramr fast saman;
veitir Sýrar
sonr fáskonar.
Land skyldi lítit
laf-Hamðir hafa;
þá myndi hauldum
Haraldr svara.

Gramr þrøngvir gulli fast saman; sonr Sýrar veitir fáskonar. Laf-Hamðir skyldi hafa lítit land; þá myndi Haraldr svara hauldum.

The ruler gathers gold forcefully; Sýr’s son [= Haraldr] gives away little. Laf-Hamðir (‘Slouch-Hamðir’) should get little land; then Haraldr might answer the men.



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