Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Hharð Gamv 6II/4 — skeiðr ‘warships’

Fœddr vas ek, þars alma
Upplendingar bendu;
nú lætk við sker skolla
skeiðr búmǫnnum leiðar.
Vítt hef ek, sízt ýttum,
eygarð skotit barði;
þó lætr Gerðr í Gǫrðum
gollhrings við mér skolla.

Ek vas fœddr, þars Upplendingar bendu alma; nú lætk skeiðr, leiðar búmǫnnum, skolla við sker. Vítt hef ek skotit barði eygarð, sízt ýttum; þó lætr Gerðr gollhrings í Gǫrðum skolla við mér.

I was born where the Upplendingar bent the elm-bows; now I let my warships, loathsome to farmers, rock among skerries. Far and wide I have thrust the prow across the island-enclosure [SEA] since we [I] set out; yet the Gerðr <goddess> of the gold ring [WOMAN] in Russia ridicules me.



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