Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Hharð Lv 6II/2 — Einar ‘Einarr’

Hér sék upp inn ǫrva
Einar, þanns kann skeina
þjalfa, þambarskelfi,
þangs, fjǫlmennan ganga.
Fullafli bíðr fyllar
(finnk opt at drífr minna)
hilmis stóls (á hæla
húskarla lið jarli).

Hér sék inn ǫrva Einar þambarskelfi, þanns kann skeina þjalfa þangs, ganga upp fjǫlmennan. Fullafli bíðr fyllar stóls hilmis; finnk opt, at minna lið húskarla drífr á hæla jarli.

Here I see the bold Einarr þambarskelfir (‘Paunch-shaker’ (?)), who knows how to furrow the enclosure of sea-weed [SEA], disembark with many men. The powerful one awaits the occupancy of the king’s throne; I often find that a lesser host of housecarls trails at the heels of a jarl.



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