Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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HSn Lv 2II/8 — dǫglingr ‘leader’

Berr fyr Holm, þars harri,
hlýrs fagrgota, stýrir;
stôl bruna rauð á reyðar
rymvǫll und gram snjǫllum.
Frægrs með fremð ok sigri
— folkbráðr konungr háði
darraþing við drengi —
dǫglingr kominn hingat.

Fagrgota hlýrs berr fyr Holm, þars harri stýrir; rauð stôl bruna á rymvǫll reyðar und snjǫllum gram. Frægr dǫglingr [e]s kominn hingat með fremð ok sigri; folkbráðr konungr háði darraþing við drengi.

The fair steed of the stem [SHIP] is swept past Holmen, where the lord steers; the red prows speed on the roaring field of the whale [SEA] beneath the wise ruler. The famous leader has come here with honour and victory; the battle-quick king waged a spear-assembly [BATTLE] against warriors.


[8] dǫglingr: dǫgling Flat



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