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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Gsind Hákdr 7I/3 — ǫld ‘The progeny’

Almdrógar varð œgis
opt sinn, en þess minnumk,
barma ǫld fyr Baldri
bensíks vita ríkis.
Bǫðsœkir helt bríkar
brœðr síns ok rak — flœðu
undan — allar kindir
Eireks á haf snekkjum.

Ǫld barma œgis almdrógar varð opt sinn vita ríkis fyr Baldri bensíks, en minnumk þess. Bríkar bǫðsœkir helt snekkjum á haf ok rak allar kindir Eireks, brœðr síns; flœðu undan.

The progeny of the brother of the intimidator of the bow-string [WARRIOR = Hákon > = Eiríkr blóðøx > = Eiríkssynir] were obliged many a time to realise [his, Hákon’s] power in the face of the Baldr <god> of the wound-fish [SWORD > WARRIOR = Hákon], and I commemorate this. The attacker of the battle-board [(lit. ‘battle-attacker of the board’) SHIELD > WARRIOR = Hákon] steered warships out to sea and chased all the sons of Eiríkr, his brother; they fled away.


[1, 3] ǫld barma œgis almdrógar ‘the progeny of the brother of the intimidator of the bowstring [WARRIOR = Hákon > = Eiríkr blóðøx > = Eiríkssynir]’: This refers to the sons (ǫld) of Eiríkr, who is brother (barmi) of Hákon (Hkr 1893-1901, IV; cf. ÍF 26; Hkr 1991; contrast Björn Magnússon Ólsen 1886, 191-2). The rare word dróg is thought to mean ‘streak, cord, ribbon’ (CVC, AEW: dróg; Björn Magnússon Ólsen 1886, 191; cf. ÍF 26; Hkr 1991). With œgir almdrógar compare Hfr Óldr 6/5 œgir ýdrógar ‘terrifier of the bow-string [WARRIOR]’.




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