Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Gsind Hákdr 2I/6 — skeiðar ‘ships’

Almdrósar fór eisu
élrunnr mǫrum sunnan
trjónu tingls á grœna
tveim einum selmeina,
þás ellifu allar
allreiðr Dana skeiðar
Valsendir hrauð vandar
víðfrægr at þat síðan.

Almdrósar eisu élrunnr fór sunnan einum tveim mǫrum tingls á grœna trjónu selmeina, þás allreiðr vandar Valsendir hrauð allar ellifu skeiðar Dana, víðfrægr at þat síðan.

The bush of the storm of the fire of the bow-woman [(lit. ‘storm-bush of the fire of the bow-woman’) VALKYRIE > SWORD > BATTLE > WARRIOR = Hákon] went from the south with only two steeds of the prow-board [SHIPS] on to the green snout of seal-wounds [Selund] when the utterly enraged sender of the Valr <horse> of the mast [(lit. ‘Valr-sender of the mast’) SHIP > SEAFARER = Hákon] cleared all eleven ships of the Danes, widely famed for that afterwards.


[6] skeiðar: skriðar Bb, skreiðar Flat



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