Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Gísl Lv 1II/7 — prúðr ‘brave’

Kátr skalk enn, þótt ætli
aldrán viðir skaldi
(jǫrn taka oss at orna)
unda teins (at beinum).
Hverr deyr seggr, en, svarri,
snarts dreng skapat hjarta,
(prúðr skalk enn í óði)
eitt sinn (á þrek minnask).

Kátr skalk enn, þótt viðir teins unda ætli skaldi aldrán; jǫrn taka at orna oss at beinum. Hverr seggr deyr eitt sinn, en, svarri, snart hjarta [e]s skapat dreng; prúðr skalk enn minnask á þrek í óði.

I’ll still be cheerful, although the trees of the wounds’ rod [SWORD > WARRIORS] intend to rob the poet of his life; the irons begin to warm us [me] to the bones. Every man dies some time, but, lady, a valiant heart has been given to the young warrior; brave, I shall yet again commemorate deeds of courage in poetry.


[7] prúðr: brúðr Hr, fróðr papp4ˣ, 392ˣ



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