Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Gísl Magnkv 7II/3 — fullr ‘courageous’

Sættisk síðan        — siðr batnaði —
hugfullr konungr        við hatendr sína.
Þann gaf brǫgnum,        es búendr ôttu,
rétt, ráðspakir        rœkðum launa.

Hugfullr konungr sættisk síðan við hatendr sína; siðr batnaði. Gaf brǫgnum þann rétt, es ráðspakir búendr ôttu launa rœkðum.

The very courageous king then reconciled himself with his enemies; conduct improved. He gave people those privileges, which the sensible farmers were to repay with solicitude.


[3] ‑fullr: ‑prúðr F


[3] hugfullr ‘very courageous’: Lit. ‘courage-full’. Hugprúðr ‘courage-proud’ (so F) is a possible reading.



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