Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Gísl Magnkv 4II/8 — af ‘from’

Átti hilmir        húsþing við sæ;
þat vas fyr innan        Ǫrvahamra.
Bjósk at brenna,        en búendr flýðu,
stórráðr konungr,        af Staði útan.

Hilmir átti húsþing við sæ; þat vas fyr innan Ǫrvahamra. Stórráðr konungr bjósk at brenna, en búendr flýðu útan af Staði.

The ruler convened an assembly by the sea; that was on the inner side of Ǫrvahamrar. The imperious king prepared to burn, and farmers fled out from Stadsbygd.


[8] af: fyr Hr, F


[8] útan af Staði ‘out from Stadsbygd’: Located in Rissa parish, north-east of Trondheimsfjorden.



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