Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Gísl Magnkv 16II/5 — Skein ‘shone’

Blár ægir skaut        búnum svíra;
gjalfr hljóp í gin        gollnu hǫfði.
Skein af hausum        sem himins eisa
dǫglings dreka        djúps valfasti.

Blár ægir skaut búnum svíra; gjalfr hljóp í gin gollnu hǫfði. Valfasti djúps skein sem eisa himins af hausum dreka dǫglings.

The dark ocean struck against the adorned neck; the surge leaped into the jaws of the golden head. The corpse-flame [SWORD (brandr ‘fire’)] of the deep [GOLD] shone like the cinder of heaven [SUN] from the skulls of the ruler’s dragon.



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