Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Gísl Magnkv 10II/8 — jarla ‘earls’

Ættlǫndum vann        eyja dróttar
folkvǫrðr und sik        fjórum þrungit,
áðr an hitti,        sás hamalt fylkði,
veðrsmiðr Viðurs        valska jarla.

Folkvǫrðr vann fjórum ættlǫndum dróttar eyja þrungit und sik, áðr an Viðurs veðrsmiðr, sás fylkði hamalt, hitti valska jarla.

The people’s guardian [RULER] subjugated four ancestral territories of the men of the isles, before the smith of Viðurr’s <= Óðinn’s> wind [(lit. ‘Viðurr’s wind-smith’) BATTLE > WARRIOR], who marshalled his troops in a wedge-shaped array, met the Norman earls.


[8] valska jarla ‘the Norman earls’: Hugh of Montgomery, Earl of Shrewsbury (Hugi inn prúði ‘the Proud’) and Hugh of Avranches, Earl of Chester (Hugi inn digri ‘the Stout’). See Bkrepp Magndr 11 and Power 1986, 109-10.



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