Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Gamlkan Jóndr 4VII/8 — heimar ‘worlds’

Hǫrðu lát mik hverju firðan,
hreinlífr faðir dróttar, meini,
— síðan mætti ór of eyðask
andar sôr — þvís ljónum grandar.
Flotna, vildak frá þér aldri,
ferðgeymandi, skiliðr verða;
uggr es mér, hvárt þá mák þiggja
þessa gipt, es heimar skiptask.

Hreinlífr faðir dróttar, lát mik firðan hverju hǫrðu meini, þvís grandar ljónum; mætti ór sôr andar síðan of eyðask. Flotna ferðgeymandi, vildak aldri verða skiliðr frá þér; uggr es mér, hvárt þá mák þiggja þessa gipt, es heimar skiptask.

Pure-living Father of the host [= God], let me be removed from every hard evil which injures men; may our wounds of the soul [SINS] then be wiped out. Guardian of the troop of mariners [MANKIND > = God], I would wish never to be parted from you; I am anxious whether I shall be able to receive this grace at the time when worlds are exchanged.


[8]: The cl. es heimar skiptask refers to the departure from ‘this world’ to ‘the other’ or ‘the next’ at death (cf. Bugge 1874, 934 n. 3).



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