Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Gamlkan Has 8VII/6 — blíðum ‘friendly’

Oflǫskvan hǫfum œsku
aldr várn spanit sjaldan
— barkat blóm á verkum
bráðgǫrt — frá ódôðum,
ítr, þás opt á móti
ófríð risu blíðum,
mærðvinnandi manna,
mín verk boðum þínum.

Hǫfum sjaldan spanit várn oflǫskvan aldr œsku frá ódôðum — barkat bráðgǫrt blóm á verkum —, þás ófríð verk mín risu opt á móti þínum blíðum boðum, ítr mærðvinnandi manna.

We [I] have rarely enticed our [my] lazy age of youth away from misdeeds — I did not bear easily ripened fruit on account of my deeds —, when my ugly deeds often rose against your friendly commands, glorious praise-winner of men [= God].



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