Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Gamlkan Has 65VII/1 — þína ‘your’

Án lát engan þína,
angrlestandi, mesta
mann — deilir þat máli
miskunn, jǫfurr sunnu.
Vǫrðr, laða skatna skírða,
skýtjalds, saman alla,
ítr, þars aldri þrjóti
unaðsgnótt ok frið, dróttinn.—

Lát engan mann án mesta miskunn þína, angrlestandi jǫfurr sunnu; þat deilir máli. Ítr dróttinn, vǫrðr skýtjalds, laða saman alla skírða skatna, þars aldri þrjóti unaðsgnótt ok frið.

Let no man [be] without your very great mercy, sorrow-injuring prince of the sun [= God (= Christ)]; that is of prime importance. Glorious Lord, warden of the cloud-tent [SKY/HEAVEN > = God], invite together all baptised men, to where an abundance of happiness and peace will never end.



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