Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Gamlkan Has 56VII/1 — ljót ‘ugly’

Tregr emk ljót at láta
lastaverk til fasta
— mér bragar opt fyr augum —
æligs móðs fyr róða.
Þess ák mér at meira
margríkr jǫfurr, líknar,
fleygs ok foldar œgis,
friðar sjalfan þik biðja.

Emk tregr at láta til fasta ljót lastaverk æligs móðs fyr róða; mér bragar opt fyr augum. Þess ák at meira biðja þik friðar sjalfan mér, margríkr jǫfurr líknar ok fleygs œgis foldar.

I am reluctant to abandon the ugly sins of a vile soul too completely; it [i.e. sin] often glimmers before my eyes. Therefore I must beg you the more for peace for myself, very powerful king of mercy and of the swirling helmet of the land [SKY/HEAVEN > = God].



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