Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Gamlkan Has 52VII/2 — af ‘from’

Hlaut Máría mætum
miskunn af gram sunnu,
víns þás virða reynis
Vôr þó fœtr með tárum.
Snjallr vann snót frá ǫllum
senn misgerðum hennar
gumna vǫrðr, þeims gerði,
— guði treystisk Bil — leysta.

Máría hlaut miskunn af mætum gram sunnu, þás Vôr víns þó fœtr reynis virða með tárum. Snjallr vǫrðr gumna vann senn leysta snót frá ǫllum misgerðum hennar, þeims gerði; Bil treystisk guði.

Mary received mercy from the illustrious prince of the sun [= God (= Christ)], when the Vôr <goddess> of wine [WOMAN = Mary Magdalene] washed the feet of the tester of men [= God (= Christ)] with her tears. The wise guardian of men [= God (= Christ)] immediately released the woman from all her sins, which she had committed; Bil <goddess> trusted in God.


[2] miskunn af gram sunnu ‘mercy from the prince of the sun’: The miskunn:sunnu rhyme is also exploited at 65/4 miskunn jǫfurr sunnu. This l. also occurs in Leið 42/6.



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