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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Gamlkan Has 5VII/1 — ǫll* ‘all’

Þú býðr ǫll* með iðran,
einn Kristr, viðum Mistar
linns fyr lærðum mǫnnum
lýti sín at tína,
ok, hábrautar, heitið
hreggvǫrðr, þegar seggjum
sannri líkn ok syknu,
snjallr, fyr vás ok galla.

Þú, einn Kristr, býðr viðum linns Mistar at tína ǫll* lýti sín með iðran fyr lærðum mǫnnum, ok heitið þegar seggjum, snjallr hábrautar hreggvǫrðr, sannri líkn ok syknu fyr vás ok galla.

You, the one Christ, command trees of the snake of Mist <valkyrie> [SWORD > WARRIORS] to enumerate all their faults with repentence before learned men; and you promise straight away to men, excellent warden of the high path of the storm [(lit. ‘storm-warden of the high path’) SKY/HEAVEN > = God], true mercy and acquittal for sinfulness and flaws.


[1] ǫll*: ‘o᷎lld’ B


[1] ǫll*: B reads ‘o᷎lld’. With all previous eds of the text, the present edn adopts Sveinbjörn Egilsson’s correction, which is suggested in a marginal note to the 444ˣ transcript.



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