Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Gamlkan Has 45VII/3 — nema ‘unless’

Háborgar, fæsk hvergi
hald, þats bresti aldri,
hreggs nema horskum seggjum
heitfastr jǫfurr veiti.
Sterk lofar drótt ok dýrkar
dagstalls konung snjallan;
himins es fylkir fremri
fróðr hvívetna góðu.

Hvergi fæsk hald, þats aldri bresti, nema heitfastr jǫfurr háborgar hreggs veiti horskum seggjum. Sterk drótt lofar ok dýrkar snjallan konung dagstalls; fróðr fylkir himins es fremri hvívetna góðu.

Nowhere is found that help which never fails, unless the promise-faithful prince of the high fortress of the storm [SKY/HEAVEN > = God] may grant [it] to prudent men. The mighty host praises and glorifies the glorious king of the day-support [SKY/HEAVEN > = God]; the excellent king of heaven [= God] is superior to everything that is good.



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