Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Gamlkan Has 38VII/3 — meðan ‘while’

Þjóð á hart, sús hlýða
hildings boðum vildat
lofða kyns meðan lifði,
lýtum kend fyr hendi.
Sú rasar aum í aumar
óvísligar píslir;
ey grœtir þar ýta
uggr, en vætki huggar.

Þjóð, kend lýtum, sús vildat hlýða boðum hildings kyns lofða meðan lifði, á hart fyr hendi. Sú rasar aum í aumar, óvísligar píslir; uggr grœtir þar ýta ey, en vætki huggar.

That group of people, known for sins, who would not heed the commandments of the prince of the race of men [MANKIND > RULER = Christ] while it lived, faces hardship. It rushes wretched into wretched, uncertain tortures; fear grieves people there perpetually, and nothing affords comfort.



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