Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Gamlkan Has 36VII/1 — dýrðar ‘of glory’

Dómsorði lýkr dýrðar
dróttar valdr á aldir,
þars greinisk lið ljóna
loks í tvenna flokka.
Spǫnð lætr ǫll til ynðis
óttlaust af því móti
sunnu hvéls ok sælu
sín bǫrn konungr fjǫrnis.

Valdr dróttar dýrðar lýkr dómsorði á aldir, þars lið ljóna greinisk loks í tvenna flokka. Konungr fjǫrnis hvéls sunnu lætr spǫnð ǫll bǫrn sín óttlaust af því móti til ynðis ok sælu.

The ruler of the company of glory [ANGELS > = God] will pass judgement on men, where the host of men [MANKIND] will finally divide into two groups. The king of the helmet of the wheel of the sun [SUN > SKY/HEAVEN > = God] causes all his children to be drawn without fear from that gathering to joy and bliss.


[1-2] valdr dróttar dýrðar ‘the ruler of the company of glory [ANGELS > = God]’: Finnur Jónsson (Skj B) understands this phrase as han som giver mennesken hæder ‘he who gives men glory’. This seems dubious, since the cl. as a whole relates to God’s passing judgement on men. Kock (NN §2112A) prefers to take both dýrðar and dróttar as gen., forming an angel-kenning meaning ‘company of glory’ or (if dýrð ‘glory’ can be used metaphorically, as in Modern English, to mean ‘heaven’) ‘company of heaven’. The valdr ‘ruler’ of this company is God.




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