Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Gamlkan Has 11VII/3 — vissak ‘to be guilty of’

Ókynnin gatk annan
optsinnis þar vinna
víga* ljóss, es vissak,
veðr-Þrótt, á mik dróttinn.
Lítt bark ǫnn ok ótta,
undgjalfrs, fyr mér sjǫlfum,
grálinns geymirunna
glaðr þás dœmðak aðra.

Gatk optsinnis annan ljóss víga* veðr-Þrótt vinna ókynnin þar, es vissak á mik, dróttinn. Bark lítt ǫnn ok ótta fyr mér sjǫlfum, þás dœmðak glaðr aðra geymirunna grálinns undgjalfrs.

I declared oftentimes [that] another Þróttr <= Óðinn> of the storm of the flame of battles [(lit. ‘storm-Þróttr of the flame of battles’) SWORD > BATTLE > WARRIOR] was committing the sins there which I knew myself to be guilty of [lit. (were) in myself], Lord. I had little worry and fear for myself, when I gladly [lit. glad] judged other protecting bushes of the grey serpent of the wound-surge [BLOOD > SWORD > WARRIORS].



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