Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Eyv Hál 10I/1 — ǫðlingr ‘prince’

Ok ǫðlingr
í ǫlun Njarðar
alnar orms
ófælinn varð
lífs of lattr,
þars landrekar
Týs ôttung
í tryggð sviku.

Ok ófælinn ǫðlingr varð of lattr lífs í ǫlun Njarðar orms alnar, þars landrekar sviku ôttung Týs í tryggð.

And the unflinching prince was deprived of life at the ale-feast of the Njǫrðr <god> of the serpent of the forearm [ARM-RING > MAN], where rulers of the land deceived the kinsman of Týr <god> [= Sigurðr] in the truce.


[1] ǫðlingr: ǫðlingi J2ˣ, ‘oðlingu’ J1ˣ



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