Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Eyv Hál 9I/1 — Sigurð ‘Sigurðr’

Ok Sigurð,
hinns svǫnum veitti
hróka bjór
Haddingja vals
fjǫrvi næmðu
á Ǫglói.

Ok jarðráðendr næmðu Sigurð, hinns veitti bjór hróka vals Haddingja svǫnum farmatýs, fjǫrvi á Ǫglói.

And the rulers of the land [RULERS] deprived Sigurðr, he who supplied beer of the cormorants of the chosen of the Haddingjar <legendary heroes> [WARRIORS > RAVENS/EAGLES > BLOOD] to the swans of the god of cargoes [= Óðinn > RAVENS], of life at Ǫgló.


[1] Sigurð: sigrum Flat, Sigurðr R(20v), sigrað U(26r)


[1] Sigurð ‘Sigurðr’: Acc. case, because object of næmðu ‘deprived’ in l. 6. The isolated reading of R, Sigurðr (nom.), probably derives from the wide separation of this noun from the verb that governs it, though Faulkes (SnE 1998, I, 156) suggests that ‘the nom. is perhaps explicable as anacoluthon (“It was S. whom…”)’.



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