Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Eyv Hál 1I/8 — teljum ‘we [I] reckon’

Viljak hljóð
at Hôars líði,
meðan Gillings
gjǫldum yppik,
meðan hans ætt
í hverlegi
galga farms
til goða teljum,
hinn es Surts
ór søkkdǫlum
fljúgandi bar.

Viljak hljóð at líði Hôars, meðan yppik gjǫldum Gillings, meðan teljum ætt hans til goða í hverlegi farms galga, hinn es farmǫgnuðr bar fljúgandi ór søkkdǫlum Surts.

I would wish for a hearing for the drink of Hôarr <= Óðinn> [POETRY], while I lift up the payment for Gillingr <giant> [POETRY], while we [I] reckon his lineage back to the gods in the cauldron-liquid [DRINK] of the burden of the gallows [= Óðinn > POETRY], that which the travel-furtherer [= Óðinn] carried flying from the treasure-valleys of Surtr [giant].


[5, 8] meðan teljum ætt hans til goða ‘while we [I] reckon his lineage back to the gods’: The referent of hans ‘his’ is not clarified in the stanza, but the name of Eyvindr’s patron, Hákon jarl Sigurðarson, was probably specified in a (lost) introductory stanza.



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