Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Lil 94VII/1 — stræti ‘streets’

viðr og grjót sem steinar, stræti,
streingir, himnar, loft og einglar,
orma sveit og akrar hvítir,
jurtir, málmr sem laufgir pálmar,
augabragð þó aldri þegði
allar þær, af fyrnsku væri
móðar, fyrr en Máríu prýði
mætti skýra fullum hætti.

viðr og grjót sem steinar, stræti, streingir, himnar, loft og einglar, sveit orma og hvítir akrar, jurtir, málmr, sem laufgir pálmar, þó þær allar þegði aldri augabragð, væri móðar af fyrnsku fyrr en mætti skýra Máríu prýði fullum hætti.

wood and rocks, and stones, streets, streams, the heavens, air and angels, hosts of serpents and bright fields, herbs, metal, and leafy palms, though all those were never silent for the twinkling of an eye, they would be weary with old age before they could proclaim Mary’s splendour in full measure.


[1] steinar, stræti ‘stones, streets’: Kock observes (NN §3318) that this helmingr contains an aabb pattern analogous to the abab pattern in the previous st., which would imply that the alternative reading steinar og stræti ‘stones and streets’ (or staðir og stræti ‘towns and streets’) is preferable.



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