Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Lil 5VII/2 —  ‘which’

Skapan og fæðing, skírn og prýði,
skynsemd full, betri er gulli,
dreyrinn Krists af síðusári,
syndalíkn og dagligt yndi,
háleit ván á himnasælu,
hrygðin jarðar neztu bygðar
bjóða mier í frásögn færa
fögr stórmerkin drottins verka.

Skapan og fæðing, skírn og prýði, full skynsemd, betri er gulli, dreyrinn af síðusári Krists, syndalíkn og dagligt yndi, háleit ván á himnasælu, hrygðin neztu bygðar jarðar bjóða mier færa fögr stórmerkin drottins verka í frásögn.

Creation and birth, baptism and glory, complete reason, which is better than gold, the gore from the wound in Christ’s side, mercy for sins and daily happiness, exalted hope of heavenly bliss, the sorrow of the lowliest dwelling on earth compel me to present the beautiful wonders of the Lord’s deeds in a narrative.


[2] að: sú 99a, sem 622, 713, 720b, 705ˣ, 4892, om. Vb, 41 8°ˣ


[2] ‘which’: Here functioning as a rel. particle; cf. NS §267b. Most mss have the rel. particle sem here.



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