Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Edáð Banddr 9I/4 — ræðr ‘rules’

Dregr land at mun banda
Eirekr und sik geira
veðrmildr ok semr hildi
[gunnblíðr, ok ræðr síðan
jarl goðvǫrðu hjarli].

Eirekr dregr land und sik at mun banda, geira veðrmildr, ok semr hildi, [gunnblíðr, ok jarl ræðr síðan goðvǫrðu hjarli].

Eiríkr draws land under himself at the pleasure of the gods, generous with the storm of spears [(lit. ‘storm-generous of spears’) BATTLE], and contrives warfare, [rejoicing in battle, and the jarl rules since then the god-defended land].



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