Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Edáð Banddr 6I/5 — brauzt ‘You crushed’

Oddhríðar fór eyða
— óx hríð at þat — síðan
logfágandi lœgis
land Valdamars brandi.
Aldeigju brauzt, œgir
— oss numnask skil — gumna;
sú varð hildr með hauldum
hǫrð; komt austr í Garða.

Oddhríðar lœgis logfágandi fór síðan eyða land Valdamars brandi; hríð óx at þat. Brauzt Aldeigju, œgir gumna; skil numnask oss; sú hildr varð hǫrð með hauldum; komt austr í Garða.

The custodian of the flame of the sea of the point-storm [(lit. ‘flame-custodian of the sea of the point-storm’) BATTLE > BLOOD > SWORD > WARRIOR] went afterwards to ravage Vladimir’s land with the sword; the onslaught intensified at that. You crushed Staraya Ladoga, intimidator of men [RULER]; sound information is being brought to us [me]; that battle became hard amongst freeholders; you came eastwards into Russia.


[5] brauzt: ‘braz’ F


[5] brauzt Aldeigju ‘you crushed Staraya Ladoga’: Established over a century before by the Kievan Rus’, this settlement was a principal stronghold and trading and artisanal centre on the route to the Black Sea, situated strategically near the point where the River Volchov enters Lake Ladoga, east of the Gulf of Finland (Westholm 2009, 132). The ON p. n. Aldeigja derives from Russian Ladogá (AEW: Aldeigja).



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