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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Edáð Banddr 2I/8 — land ‘land’

Hoddsveigir lét hníga
harða ríkr, þás barðisk,
(logreifis brátt lífi)
landmann Kíars (handa).
Stálœgir nam stíga
stafns fletbalkar hrafna
af dynbeiði dauðum.
Dregr land at mun banda.

Harða ríkr hoddsveigir lét landmann Kíars hníga, þás barðisk; brátt lífi handa logreifis. Stálœgir nam stíga af dauðum stafns hrafna fletbalkar dynbeiði. Dregr land at mun banda …

The very mighty treasure-bender [GENEROUS MAN = Eiríkr] caused the countryman of Kíarr <ruler> [= Skopti] to fall, when he fought; you snatched away the life of the presenter of the flame of hands [(lit. ‘flame-presenter of hands’) GOLD > GENEROUS MAN = Skopti]. The sword-intimidator [WARRIOR = Eiríkr] strode away from the dead requester of the din of the house-partition of the horses of the stem [(lit. ‘din-requester of the house-partition of the horses of the stem’) SHIPS > SHIELD > BATTLE > WARRIOR = Skopti]. Wins land at the pleasure of the gods …



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