Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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ESk Lv 5II/7 — lengi ‘for a long time’

Austr tók illa kristinn
Jarlmaðr frá búkarli
— grôðr vas kjǫts á kauða —
kiðling, hinns slær fiðlu.
Vǫndr hrǫkk; vámr lá bundinn
(vísmáll) á skip þíslar;
(sǫng leikara lengi
lími harðan príma).

Illa kristinn Jarlmaðr, hinns slær fiðlu, tók kiðling frá búkarli austr; grôðr kjǫts vas á kauða. Vǫndr hrǫkk; vámr lá bundinn á skip þíslar; vísmáll lími sǫng lengi leikara harðan príma.

Jarlmaðr, the bad Christian who plays the fiddle, took a kid from a farmer in the east; greed for meat came upon the churl. The whip coiled; the loathsome fellow lay bound on the ship of the wagon-shaft [WAGON]; the eloquent lash sang a harsh service over the minstrel for a long time.



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