Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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ESk Lv 4II/3 — víf ‘women’

Oss lét abbatissa
angri firð of svangann,
dygg þótt víf in vígðu
víti fyrðar, gyrða.
Enn til áts með nunnum
(ógnarrakks) á Bakka,
(drós gladdit vin vísa)
vasat stallarinn kallaðr.

Abbatissa, firð angri, lét oss gyrða of svangann, þótt fyrðar víti dygg víf in vígðu. Enn stallarinn vasat kallaðr til áts með nunnum á Bakka; drós gladdit vin ógnarrakks vísa.

The abbess, removed from worries, made us [me] tighten the belt around the flank, although men may reproach the faithful consecrated women [for that]. And the marshal was not summoned to eat with the nuns at Bakke; the lady did not cheer the friend of the battle-brave leader.



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