Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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ESk Sigdr II 1II/3 — gefit ‘given’

Snild berr, snarp*a elda
sárflóðs þess’s rýðr blóði,
gefit hefr goð sjalfr jǫfri
gagn — Sigvarðar magni.
Svás, ef Rauma ræsir
reiðorðr tǫlur greiðir,
(rausn vinnr gramr) sem gumnar
(glaðmæltr) þegi aðrir.

Snild Sigvarðar, þess’s rýðr snarp*a elda sárflóðs blóði, berr magni; goð sjalfr hefr gefit jǫfri gagn. Svás, ef reiðorðr ræsir Rauma greiðir tǫlur, sem aðrir gumnar þegi; glaðmæltr gramr vinnr rausn.

The eloquence of Sigurðr, who reddens the sharp fires of the wound-flood [BLOOD > SWORDS] with blood, is overwhelming; God himself has given advantage to the prince. Thus it is, if the clear-talking ruler of the Raumar [NORWEGIAN KING = Sigurðr] gives speeches, as if other men are silent; the glad-spoken lord displays splendour.



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