Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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ESk Sigdr I 2II/8 — jarli ‘earl’

Ok, sás œzt gat ríki,
ól þjóðkonungr, sólar,
ǫnd á Jákóbslandi
annan vetr, und ranni.
Þar frák hilmi herjar
(hjaldrs) lausmæli gjalda
(gramr birti svan svartan
snarlyndr) frǫmum jarli.

Ok þjóðkonungr, sás gat œzt ríki und ranni sólar, ól ǫnd annan vetr á Jákóbslandi. Þar frák hilmi herjar gjalda frǫmum jarli lausmæli; snarlyndr gramr birti svartan svan hjaldrs.

And the mighty king, who got the highest power under the hall of the sun [SKY/HEAVEN], nourished his spirit the next winter in Galicia. There I heard that the protector of the people repaid the outstanding earl for his unreliable words; the keen-spirited ruler cheered the black swan of battle [RAVEN].



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