Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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ESk Run 9II/3 — prútt ‘the splendid’

Rauð siklingr sverð
— sleit gylðis ferð
prútt Parta lík —
í Pílavík.
Vann vísi allt
fyr vestan salt
— brandr gall við brún —
brennt Langatún.

Siklingr rauð sverð í Pílavík; ferð gylðis sleit prútt lík Parta. Vísi vann brennt allt Langatún fyr vestan salt; brandr gall við brún.

The prince reddened the sword in Pílavík; the company of the wolf [WOLVES] tore the splendid corpses of the Partar. The leader burned all Langatún west of the sea; the sword rang against the brow.


[3] prútt: prúð F, Hr


[3] prútt lík ‘the splendid corpses’: Lit. ‘splendid corpse’. Lík (n. acc. sg.) ‘corpse’ is used with a pl. meaning. The variant prúð lík (n. acc. pl.) ‘splendid corpses’ (so F, Hr) has been adopted by Skj B and Skald, but that reading is secondary. Alternatively, prútt could be taken as an adv. ‘splendidly, bravely’ with sleit ‘tore’ (l. 2), but that is less likely from a contextual point of view.



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