Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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ESk Run 5II/2 — svell ‘ice-sheets’

Frétt hefk, at fell
— folks brustu svell
— jǫfurr eyddi frið —
Apardjónar lið.

Hefk frétt, at lið Apardjónar fell; svell folks brustu; jǫfurr eyddi frið.

I have heard that the troop of Aberdeen fell; ice-sheets of battle [SWORDS] shattered; the prince destroyed the peace.


[2] svell folks ‘ice-sheets of battle [SWORDS]’: The variant given in Hkr (, F, E, 42ˣ) and H-Hr requires a split cpd folksvell ‘battle-ice-sheets’.



case: nom.
number: pl.


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