Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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ESk Ingdr 4II/3 — ljótri ‘the hideous’

Myndit seima sendir
svá brátt hafa látit
(spjót flugu langt í ljótri)
líf sitt (boga drífu),
ef alkostigs austan
Eysteins flota þeysti
beinn at Bjǫrgyn sunnan
byrr tveim dǫgum fyrri.

Sendir seima myndit hafa látit líf sitt svá brátt—spjót flugu langt í ljótri drífu boga—, ef beinn byrr sunnan þeysti flota alkostigs Eysteins austan at Bjǫrgyn tveim dǫgum fyrri.

The dispenser of gold [GENEROUS MAN] would not have lost his life so suddenly—spears flew far in the hideous storm of bows [BATTLE]—, if a steady wind from the south had speeded the fleet of most splendid Eysteinn from the east towards Bergen two days earlier.




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