Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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ESk Ingdr 1II/1 — Holm ‘Holm’

Frák við Holm at heyja
hildinga* framm gingu
(lind varð grœn) inn grána
geirþing (í tvau springa).

Frák hildinga* gingu framm við Holm inn grána at heyja geirþing; grœn lind varð springa í tvau.

I heard the rulers advanced near Holmengrå to hold a spear-assembly [BATTLE]; the green linden-shield had to split in two.


[1] við Holm at: ‘við [...]olm at’ U, ‘[...]’ B, ‘uið holm at’ 744ˣ


[1, 3] Holm inn grána ‘Holmengrå’: An island in Hvaler, off the western coast of present-day Sweden. The battle of Holmengrå, fought by the allies Sigurðr slembidjákn ‘Fortuitous-deacon’ (?) Magnússon and Magnús inn blindi ‘the Blind’ Sigurðarson against the troops of Ingi and Sigurðr Haraldssynir, took place on 12 November 1139. See also Ív Sig 34-45, Balti Sigdr, and Kolli Ingdr 4-5.



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