Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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ESk Hardr II 5II/5 — gefi ‘give’

Eyddi oddum
ey benþeyjar
Hlés helfýsir
hungr gollunga.
Líkn gefi læknir
lofaðr friðrofa
heims hafljóma
hár lausnari.

Helfýsir eyddi hungr gollunga benþeyjar oddum Hlésey. Lofaðr læknir heims, hár lausnari, gefi líkn friðrofa hafljóma.

The death-precipitator [WARRIOR] destroyed the hunger of young hawks of wound-thaw [BLOOD > RAVENS/EAGLES] with spear-points on Læsø. May the praised healer of the world [= God], the noble redeemer, give mercy to the peace-disturber of sea-radiance [GOLD > GENEROUS MAN].



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