Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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ESk Hardr I 1II/3 — roðnar ‘be reddened’

Ótryggum lét eggjar
eljunfrár und hôri
Hveðn á hǫlðum roðnar
hrafns munnlituðr þunnar,
áðr, þars ógnarprúðum
ulfnistanda, missti
hungr, á hǫnd at ganga,
hræskurðr, Danir urðu.

Eljunfrár munnlituðr hrafns lét þunnar eggjar roðnar á ótryggum hǫlðum und hôri Hveðn, áðr hræskurðr missti hungr, þars Danir urðu at ganga á hǫnd ógnarprúðum ulfnistanda.

The courage-quick mouth-colourer of the raven [WARRIOR] let thin blades be reddened on disloyal freeholders beneath lofty Ven, before the carrion-cleaver [RAVEN/EAGLE] lost its hunger, where the Danes were obliged to surrender to the battle-proud wolf-feeder [WARRIOR].


[3] roðnar: roðna F, E, J2ˣ, 42ˣ



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