Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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ESk Geisl 68VII/6 — veljendr ‘choosers’

svát lausnara leysi
langvinr frá kvǫl strangri
nýta þjóð ór nauðum
nafnkuðr við trú jafnan,
víga skýs, þeirs vísa,
veljendr, framan telja
ǫflugs Krists af ôstum
alnennins brag þenna.

svát nafnkuðr langvinr lausnara leysi jafnan nýta þjóð frá strangri kvǫl, ór nauðum við trú, veljendr skýs víga, þeirs telja þenna framan brag alnennins vísa af ôstum ǫflugs Krists.

so that the well-known old friend of the Saviour [= Óláfr] might constantly release able people from the great torment, from distress on account of the faith, those choosers of the cloud of battle [SHIELD > WARRIORS] who tell this splendid poem of the energetic prince about the love of mighty Christ.


[6] veljendr: ‘velendr’ Flat, ‘velivndr’ Bb



number: pl.


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