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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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ESk Geisl 65VII/7 — aldar ‘of men’

Heims hykk hingat kvômu
hǫfuðsmenn í stað þenna
— snarr tyggi bergr seggjum
sólar — erkistóli.
Hérs af himna gervis
heilagr viðr — sem biðjum,
yfirskjǫldungr, bjarg, aldar,
oss — píningar krossi.

Hykk hǫfuðsmenn heims kvômu erkistóli hingat í stað þenna; snarr tyggi sólar bergr seggjum. Hérs heilagr viðr af krossi píningar gervis himna; yfirskjǫldungr aldar, bjarg oss, sem biðjum.

I know that the rulers of the world brought an archbishopric here to this place; the quick prince of the sun [= God (= Christ)] saves men. Here there is holy wood from the Cross of torture of the maker of the heavens [= God (= Christ)]; supreme king of men [= God], protect us as we pray.


[7] yfirskjǫldungr aldar ‘supreme king of men [= God]’: The God-kenning reflects the kenning for the hierarchy in the first helmingr: the pope may be the head-man of the world, but God is ‘over-king of mankind’, the supreme ruler of everything. Cf. hæstr skjǫldungr ‘highest prince’, st. 6/7 and ins hæsta hilmis ‘of the highest king’, st. 67/7.




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